5067 S. Howell Ave.
Milwaukee, WI (Across from the Airport)
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Sunday - Thursday:
11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Friday - Saturday:
11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
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3 stars,
“Mexican stuffed peppers - chiles rellenos - are nothing new to me. But a sweet filling and a cream sauce? This was really great. And it was so mild that I wondered if it was really Mexican.  Called chiles en nogada, it was one of three unusual dishes I tried at Jalapeno Loco restaurant in Cudahy...A blend of chiles, nuts, and seeds, the sauce was so good that I spooned an extra helping of it over the chicken as I loaded it in to a warm corn tortilla.”
Dennis Getto, Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel March 1998

Listed in the City’s Best Shrimp Soups...
“Call ahead or take a chance - this place serves some excellent regional Mexican items. If the outstanding chicken mole Oaxaqueño is offered as a special, order it.”
Jeff Beutner, Shepherd Express June 1998

“The consistently fine cooking and innovative menu make this visit to Cudahy always rewarding”
Jeff Beutner, Shepherd Express 6/25/1998

“That’s the way moles seem to me - creamy and decadent like desserts that aren’t sweet. A chocolate sauce that isn’t sweet is about as expected as a pepper filled with peaches. Jalapeño Loco is an unpredictable pepper.”
Ann Christenson, Milwaukee Magazine August 1998

“I love the Mexican regional specialties listed on the wall”
Dennis Getto’s choice, Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel, 1998 Tasters’ Choice edition, 10/30/1998

Ann Christensen’s critics choice for Best Mexican
Milwaukee Magazine, October 1999
“Adventuresome diners will want to check the board before ordering from the printed menu. Jalapeno Loco serves some of the most exciting Mexican entrees found on local menus.”
Milwaukee’s Best Cheap Eats 2000

“Since Saynes is a native of Oaxaca, it made sense to feature cooking from his hometown and because Milwaukee diners (a pat on the back for all of us) are discriminating and want more than Tex-Mex, he was ready to go beyond tacos. Thus the Seven Moles of Oaxaca appeared for the first time in a restaurant on the south side.”
Cari Taylor-Carlson, Outpost Exchange June 2000

“The menu has an impressive selection of regional Mexican dishes served in generous portions.  The bar is a destination in itself where they serve fine margaritas made with gold tequila.”
Jeff Beutner, Shepherd Express 5/1/2003

“Owners Hugo and Janet were pioneers in serving regional Mexican fare such as chiles en nogada and Oaxacan moles alongside more standard fare.......After 10 years in business this kitchen continues to shine.”
Jeff Beutner, Shepherd Express 6/2/2005

“Jalapeño Loco is the Mexican restaurant that everyone wants in their neighborhood”
Jeff Beutner, Shepherd Express 11/6/2008

“This is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Milwaukee”
Raul Vasquez, !Aqui! Milwaukee January 2009

Listed in Great Milwaukee Margaritas...
“The margaritas are strong and delicious. Traditional lime is a favorite, but fruity flavors like melon, banana, and mango are fun too. .... For a super smooth, tasty drink, try the Don Loco Royal, which is mixed with Don Julio Añejo tequila and Grand Marnier.”
Jeff Beutner, Sheperd Express March 2013
Daily Happy Hour 3-6p.m.